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Exploring the Classic Log Cabin Block

The log cabin block is a classic. It is one of my favorite blocks to play with. There are just so many options. Not only can you play with how the traditional block is placed in a quilt. You can play with the way you build the block.


The log cabin block is as versatile as the half square triangle. Making the number of layouts endless. It is one of my favorite blocks to play with. My first quilt was a log cabin quilt. One can choose furrows, stars, squares or have fun playing with other layouts. This is my family’s Christmas quilt. We each get a turn to sleep under it the week before Christmas. It ensures out Christmas dreams come true. By making the center a half square triangle and then twisting and turning the blocks the Christmas Star is created. Just one option for this great quilt block.

One of my favorite ways to make this block is to make the blocks free form. I’ve done this many times. It’s a great way to use up a bunch of scraps. Changing up colors in addition to how I set them in a quilt. A few options can be found here. In addition I have a tutorial on how to make this quilt block.

Log Cabin Variations

In addition to the traditional log cabin and the improvisational log cabin there are other ways to arrange a log cabin block. Courthouse steps is a variation of a log cabin block. In the quilt above I combined the traditional log cabin with courthouse steps to create a kind of hourglass star. I had so much fun busting through my scraps on my Accuquilt Go for this quilt. I cut enough for my Tropicalia, pineapple quilt as well.

In Discovering Hidden Quilts; turning your scraps into beautiful quilts, we explore more blocks, like the log cabin, that twist and turn to create multiple quilt designs. Enrollment opens again in Oct. Don’t miss out!

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