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6 Ways to Decorate with Mini Quilts

Mini quilts are a fun way to decorate. They add a splash of color. Be made to speak directly to your personality and decorating style. Plus give a warm cozy feel. A fun story that speaks to this point. My friend, Suzy’s husband asked if she thought their house was cold. ‘No,’ she replied, ‘why?’ Because you keep putting quilts on the wall.

Thanks to friends and family I have acquired some fun tools I use to display my mini quilts. My parents like to go to garage sales. When I visit I join them. It’s a great way to find old wooden pant hangers. As well as other treasures. The pant hangers design works great for holding a quilt. Plus they have a ready hook to hang on the wall. Not only are they great for mini quilts. By using several you can also display larger quilts.

Another easy method are these office supply clips. Similar to the pant hangers, it’s easy to insert your quilt. The magnetic aspect makes them easy to put on your fridge, or metal door. Nothing says welcome like a quilt.

You can get racks and hangers that specifically designed for hanging mini quilts. This cute little cutting board, from my friend Lori is a great way to display a mini quilt. I also love this rack I won at a quilt retreat for displaying seasonal quilts above my piano.

To discover more fun ways to display your mini quilts check out my latest YouTube video.

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