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Build Your Fabric Stash on a Budget

We all want to build our fabric stash. But many of us are on a budget. How do we get all that pretty fabric and not end up in the poor house? I have a few tips for you.

Tip #1

My first tip is to shop the clearance rack at your local quilt shop. I know the owner of my local quilt shop likes to bring in new fabrics. She will clearance fabrics that have been in the shop for an extended period to be able to bring in new. I like to visit that wall and see if anything is calling my name. You can do the same thing when I visit online shops. I like

Tip 2

Another way to stretch you fabric budget is to checkout Missouri Star’s Daily Deal. If I find a fat quarter bundle, jelly roll or other pretty pack I can’t live without I put it in my cart. Then because it is so much better to buy fabric than to pay for shipping. Next I head on over to the sale page and fill my cart until I’ve met the quota for free shipping. Just another fun way to build your fabric stash on a budget. Here is an example of some fun finds I acquired using this method.

Tip 3

Though I don’t buy a lot of fabric from JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby. They are however a good place to buy backs for your quilts. Their coupons will save you a pretty penny. I just make sure the thread count is good and the fabric feels nice. If you hold the fabric up to the light you can gage the thread count. Don’t want the fabric I put in my quilt to fall apart after a few washes.

My YouTube video will give you more ideas on how to build your fabric stash on a budget. I hope you find it useful.


  • Sue H says:

    Great tips! I often head straight out for the clearance too. You just never know what bargains you will find! After working for a quilt shop, I have to agree with you that the owners really want these fabrics gone so they can display the new pretties!

  • Donna Weeks says:

    Great information for new quilters as well as experienced quilters. I shopped a fantastic Black Friday Sale at a quaint quilt shop in Lebanon TN. 75%off clearance fabrics that were trendy, and the variety was spectacular. 25%off all other fabrics, and templates for 50 cents each! They best part was that I helped a small business owner. As we entered the store, my son said,” Well folks you will all hit your Christmas Bonus, because my mom is shopping.” He knows me well.
    Two weeks ago, I ordered fabric for masks for a baby shower from Hobby Lobby. It was 5 days late in arriving via FedEx. Needed to order different fabric from Amazon, and that came in less than a day.
    Thank you for all your posts, Tips and Bits, patterns and sharing the love of quilting.

  • Another place to check for cheap fabric is at charity shops — lots of times family members will just donate the stash of a family member who quilted and who has passed.

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