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Creating a Free Motion Quilting Plan

Do the words quilt as desired give you anxiety? Creating a free motion quilting plan can calm your nerves. Knowing what you will quilt where on your quilt frees you up to relax and enjoy the quilting process. So how do you create a plan?


Keep a sketch book or journal to draw possible motifs. It not only gives you a library of possible quilting designs. It gives you practice in quilting them. As you draw it creates muscle memory. I like to scroll Pinterest for ideas. I pin them, but I also draw them to see how it will feel to quilt them.

For a series of YouTube videos I did on how to quilt some of my patterns. I blew up a section of my quilt from EQ and put a sheet of clear vinyl over it. Then with a dry erase marker I was able to sketch various quilting motifs to see what I like where.

With a plan and some practice the words, ‘quilt as desired’ will be less daunting. So grab a sketch book. Start adding to your quilt motif library. Did you know HollyAnn’s FMQ Academy is open for enrollment now? With her instruction you’ll be quilting like a Rockstar. I’m sure she will have even more valuable advise on creating a free motion quilting plan. And while you are learning you may want to take my philosophy and enjoy the journey.

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