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Blanket Stitch Applique

Blanket stitch applique is a fun way to jazz up your applique designs. The blanket stitch is a basic and versatile embroidery stitch. Use it to finish the edge of a fleece blanket, to outline an applique design. I like to use it when I add patches to mine and my daughter’s clothes. It gives them a boho kind of feel that I love so much!

I recently discovered these wonderful blendable threads by Sulky. They are smooth and so pretty! I had so much fun using them to create these appliqued hearts. Not quite sure what I’ll be doing with them. But I am enjoying this relaxing handwork. I’m sure eventually they will find a home. I’m also using them to do some big stitch quilting on a quilt. I’ll share that later.

Because drawing is not my strong suit. Those talents were given to my brother and sister. Instead I use simple clipart or cookie cutters to make my shapes. Shine where you can and make do where you can’t. It doesn’t mean what you create won’t be wonderful. Sometimes simple is best after all.

Would you like to learn this basic embroidery stitch? I’ve created a blanket stitch applique tutorial just for you. Here it is. I hope you enjoy it!


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