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Bust Through Your Scrappy Strips

By June 26, 2020July 19th, 2020Blog, Scrap Busting, Tutorials

If you’re like me, your scrappy strips tend to multiply quickly. It’s a good thing I love string quilts. There are so many options. So I never get boarded busting through my scrappy strips.

For my YouTube video this week I’m sharing a favorite of mine. I use old dryer sheets as foundation. I don’t have as many of them as I did when my kids were home. But my neighbors are more than willing to share theirs. They make these great rectangular blocks.

And when you make a bunch of those. Don’t worry you won’t run out of strips. At least I never have. You end up with a happy string quilt. Make sure to share yours with me. I’d love to see how you busted through your scrappy strips.

If you are looking for more ways to bust through your scrappy strips you may like these 6 strip and string quilts. Or maybe one of my strip friendly patterns; Wonky Rose Garden, Geese on the Lake, or Yarn Bomb Trees. Here’s the video. Happy sewing!!!


  • Sue H says:

    I love String Quilts too! Looking forward to checking out the video. Hope to see lots of ideas of how to use these blocks!

  • Norma Nichols says:

    I too love string quilt blocks, I used old phone book pages for my blocks, a bit messy whe taking off the paper. But oh so much fun. I did use a very thin fabric for one block to show my daughter in law how it looks. She was impressed.
    Don’t know how to send you a pic, but it is beautiful.
    Norma Nichols

    Thanks I enjoyed this

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