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Quilting with Diamonds

One of my most popular man quilts is my Crystallized quilt. It features diamonds in diamonds.


It took me a few tries to perfect this block. Not that it is hard to create diamonds. It was just getting the area around the diamonds perfect without too much waste. All those attempts made it on the back of my quilt.

My newest YouTube video show how to cut and sew diamonds for quilting. I hope you will enjoy it. They are a fun addition to your quilts.

And because it is Father’s Day this weekend. I’m having a sale on all my masculine quilt patterns. Head on over to my shop. The men in your life deserve something snugly.


  • Judy Vogt says:

    I’m starting on the Crystalized pattern which I have had for a few years. My question is, when you cut the longer side of the diamond, the 9-1/2” how do you measure to cut that? I cut one and it seems shorter than the center and two outer diamond pieces. I was hoping your tutorial would cover that.

  • L Brown says:

    I was wondering the same thing. I’m a mathematically challenged quilter. To compensate , I usually make a sample of a block I think is complicated. I’ve cut and recut according to the measurements in the directions and can’t seem to get the dimensions right. The center Diamond strip is easy. It’s cutting the 9.5” Diamond that doesn’t make sense to my mind. Are the center diamonds 3.5”. If you still have the steps available, I’d appreciate getting them. Thank you, L

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