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Valentine’s Day Scrappy Heart Ornaments

Today I’m combining two of my favorite things; scraps and hearts, to create cute little scrappy heart ornaments.

For these ornaments you will be using scraps from your bits bin. If you sort scraps like I do. If not just grab your littlest scraps. This is the perfect home for them. We’re going to sew them together to create some crumb fabric. This is one of my favorite things to do. It allows me to play in my scraps, create one of a kind fabric, and experiment with ways to use it. Plus it appeals to my resourceful, frugal nature.

Once your crumb fabric is made we will cut out our heart shape. I just use a cookie cutter. They are my go to shape creator. Since drawing is not my strong suite. You can cut both sides out of crumb fabric. I find it easier to cut the back our of a whole piece of fabric. All those seams can get fiddly otherwise. But that’s a guideline not a set in stone rule.

I think these little scrappy heart ornaments would make a cute addition to a Valentine gift. They could even be a gift in and of themselves. If you choose to add a hanging string they would be cute hung on tree to add your your Valentine d├ęcor.

However you choose to use your heart ornaments, I hope you have fun making them. Learn how now. Make sure to share what you make with me. It makes me so happy when I see how you use what I share and make it your own.

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