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Wonky Heart Quilt Block Tutorial

Again I’m combining favorites. This time, improv, scraps and hearts. What’s happier than a wonky heart quilt block? Not much unless it’s making them.

These cute little blocks are simple and fun. Just two rectangles that are the same length. The width can be different. I like to pull mine from my scrap bins. Either from a chunk or by cutting two pieces from a strip. I tend to keep my two rectangles from the same fabric. But you can mix and match. I have even made these hearts using crumb fabric.

I mixed them with improvisational letters and other wonky style hearts in my Crazy Love quilt pattern. This quilt is also featured on post cards, greeting cards and is available as a print.

Are you ready to make a few of your own. Be careful they are addictive. First watch my wonky heart quilt block tutorial. Then grab your scrap bins. Put in your favorite jamb. And have too much fun creating a whole lot of love.

Make sure to share what you create with me. It makes me so happy to see your creations. Tag me on Instagram, @emsscrapbag. Email me. Or better yet share it in my Facebook community.


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