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10 Star Quilts to Brighten Your January

When the grays of January hit. I like to pull out my bright scraps and create! One of my favorite designs to make is a star quilt. Combining these two favorites will for sure brighten your January. Let’s look at ten options you can make.

The first scrap busting star quilt I’d like to share is Shooting Stars. I combined a navy background with lots of bright scrappy goodness to make this happy baby quilt.

Seven Sisters is another great scrap buster. This time I dove into my strips and strings bin. Combining them with various low volume prints for the background

While it may be a little chili for a picnic quilt, Braveheart is a fun make. This pattern includes a table runner perfect for celebrating this summer. It also makes a cute baby quilt.

If you would really like to bust through your scraps try Harvest Sky. This quilt can be made as a bed size or baby quilt. Depending on how many of the scrappy jumbo blocks you make.

Sunshine on a Cloudy day is just that. Especially if you are using bright happy solids.

Twinkle sets the stars on point in a square in a square setting. I made mine supper scrappy. But it looks great in a blue and green color way, like Mary’s.

Scrap Busting Star is a free pattern I offer. I have a little trick for cutting all those little pieces in the center. Making it a lot easier. While still getting that great scrappy look.

Union, and Night Winds are star quilts I’ve made to keep my boys warm during the cold winter months. While my designs used more masculine colors. You could easily sew yours in a brighter color way.

Finally the Jumbo Scrappy Star is a fun way to brighten your January. I’ve expanded this class. Adding a block library to expand the ways you can fill in your star. As well as adding a heart and circle quilt option. In addition to these quilt options each design can be made in a variety of sizes; from table topper/pillow to bed sized. I’m calling this expanded version Bits to Beauty. Doors are open through Jan. 27th. Join me while I teach you about color, value and design. While we turn our scraps into beautiful quilts.


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