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20 Free or Nearly Free Scrap Quilt Patterns

Quilting can be an expensive hobby. I work to keep my classes and patterns affordable. In addition I like to offer lots of free or nearly free pattern options. Today I thought I’d share a few of those options. This is no April fools joke. Enjoy this little quilt show of scrappy quilt patterns. That are easy on the pocket book.

My most popular free pattern is Scrap Busting Star. Mix this up by changing the placement of lights and darks. I also like to use this time saving trick to make those pieced centers go OH SO FAST!

Simply Charming is the perfect quilt for a beginner quilter. There are no seams to match! It can be made with charm squares. So cutting is minimal. I’ve used this pattern to teach children and youth to sew. They always feel successful!

Stacker is made from a layer cake. It is also beginner friendly. Though not quite as easy as Simply Charming.

It’s no secret I don’t care for cutting. I find it the necessary evil of quilting. So anything that gets me through it quicker is a plus. That may be why I like my AccuQuilt Go so much. Confetti uses a 12″ Cube die set. Find great deals on AccuQuilt products.

The EZ Jellyroll quilt was created using my nickname, EM. Although it is really only one block. By twisting and turning the block both letters are made.

In addition to these free patterns I have over a dozen nearly free patterns. I call these hugs. They are a single page PDF pattern available in my Etsy Shop. Each pattern is only $2. Stock up of hours of scrap busting fun!

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