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3 Fun Ways to Bind a Quilt

Your quilt is almost done. All you need is a binding. Rather than a traditional binding why not try one of these fun variations to bind a quilt. They each offer a great way to add interest to your next quilt.

First you know I’m going to suggest a scrappy binding. I’m a scrap quilter after all. My philosophy is why use one fabric when you can use many. A scrappy binding is perfect for this. I find it a fun way to use up scraps while adding a little more interest to my quilt. And you know I’m always looking for great ways to use up my scraps. My tutorial for scrappy bindings is one of my most popular.

You might also like to try a flanged binding. This kind of binding gives a refined look. I like Karen’s tutorial for this method. It is concise and easy to follow.

My friend Angela introduced me to this final method. As a fan of big stitch I fell instantly in love. She used it on her version of Yarn Bomb Trees. Those little dashes along her binding are big stitch. Not a pattern on the fabric. When I use this method I don’t go through all the quilt layers. I simply have my stitches show on the top and just go down into the quilt enough to secure the binding. I talk about this more in my big stitch video tutorial.

However you choose to bind a quilt, I hope you enjoy the process. If you are looking for more tips and tricks on binding you may enjoy this post.

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