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3 Strategies to Successfully Choose Fabric

Do you avoid diving into your scraps because your not sure how to combine all those pretty bits? I’ve to a solution for you. In my FREE workshop 3 Strategies to Successfully Choose Fabric for your quilts will build your confidence. With one simple trick to make it super simple. You need never worry again.

Using this simple trick will take the guess work out of pulling fabric. Giving you confidence while you apply the other strategies.

Learn about color theory. How it works. Simple ways to apply it’s concepts. I’ve shown examples of these concepts when I’ve shared projects from my Quilty Hugs sew ins. The workshop will go deeper. Giving more examples and how to apply them. Explore the color wheel and how it gives clues of how color works.

Plus discover the powerhouse tool, value. Explore how it enables you to showcase your strengths while downplaying where you might struggle. See how the level of contrast between fabrics allows you to draw the eye. Making areas of your quilt pop. While lower contrast enables you to let elements fade into the background.

Don’t miss out on this wealth of knowledge designed to help you choose fabric for all your quilts. Discover how you can use it to create stunning scrap quilts. Taking things to the next level.

Click to sign up and choose your time. Can’t make one of the live times? Sign up anyway, a replay will be made available. Although there’s a bonus for those who attend live. If you would prefer an evening time. Let me know. If there is enough interest I’ll create another workshop. Can’t wait to share my knowledge with you! See you at the workshop!


  • Valerie Allen says:

    Hi Em,
    Love your site and LOVE YOUR BOOK. Thank you for enriching my creativity.
    I have just signed for the latest workshop, but I live in Derbyshire England!
    How can I join in please.
    love and best wishes,

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