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3 Tips for Choosing Your Background Fabric

Your background fabric plays an important role in  your quilt.  It is what allows your prints and focus fabric to shine.  You can learn more about the supporting role background play in this post. With that said your background fabric doesn’t need to be boring.  I often use colors.  I use prints from time to time.  Not only do I like to use prints I often use many prints in a crumb or scrappy style background. So what is important when choosing your background fabric.


The first thing to consider is color.  What is the color scheme of your quilt.  You’ll want to choose a fabric that complements it.  Do you want your quilt to be vibrant?  Or are you going for a calming neutral effect.  The most important thing to consider when it comes to color in your background is how it contrasts with the fabrics you choose for your quilt.  If you are looking for impact and pop.  Choose a background that has high contrast.

Where as if you are going for a more subtle look low contrast is better.


The next thing to consider is the print in the fabric or lack there of.  Large print fabrics work well with large blocks and simple designs.  A small print is better for more detailed designs.  Either way a printed fabric will add interest and texture to your quilt.

Where a solid will give your quilt a clean and classic look.

Quilting Style

The final thing to consider when choosing your background fabric is the quilting technique you will choose.  If you plan to highlight intricate quilting stitches a solid or low contrast background is best.

Whatever you choose go with what speaks to you.  It’s your quilt.  Give it your style.

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