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Why What’s Not There is Important

Now you make think your quilt background is unimportant. It’s often plain and somewhat boring. But in any great work of art what’s not there is just as important. If not more so, than what is there. Michelangelo’s famous sculptors are great because of what he took away. Not what he added.

Like a string to a kite your background allows the focus of your quilt to soar. Keeping it from getting lost in a sea of color, pattern and fabric. If your quilt doesn’t have a grounding point, a place for the eye to rest. The hard work you put into your quilt will crash. Like this quilt full of beautiful fabrics, happy colors and cute stars. Sadly the stars are lost in all the confusion.

Background Options

That doesn’t mean you can only use white in a background. I wrote this post to help you steer away from the plain white background. I also have this post on scrappy backgrounds. In case you would like to explore that option. Both give examples of backgrounds that support rather than compete with the design of a quilt. The quilt below shows the same stars but because the background has contrast.  These stars pop!

Your background is like a good supporting actor or a conductor in an orchestra. Doing an excellent job with out stealing the limelight. In a world full of look at me! See what I did! We may lose sight of the importance of what’s not there. May we recognize that value. Be willing to add it to our quilts. And maybe not just there but in our lives as well. Let’s be a support our children, friends and others helping them to shine. You’ll be amazed at how great it makes you feel.

Stock up on low volume fabrics for your backgrounds.


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