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4 Ideas for Using Your Tiniest Scraps

I try to keep my scraps in some semblance of order. This enables me to find and use them. If you are looking for a way to add a little order to your scrap bins you may enjoy this post. I keep my tiniest scraps separate from my strips and chunks. They seem to multiply. Fortunately for me they are fun to play with.

I find that they are often the right size for small applique projects. Most of the trees, stems and snowmen accessories for my tree skirt came from my bits bin. I also used bits to create dresses, shirts and shorts for my little people in Sugar and Spice meets Snips and Snails.

Another way I like to use my bits is to finish off the ends of spiderweb blocks. Sometimes I just need a little piece to finish off the tips. Rather than use a strip. I rummage through the bits bin.

A third way to use your tiniest bits is to make fun patchwork pincushions. I like to fill mine with crushed walnut shells. I find it is cheaper to get them from the pet store rather than a quilt shop. If I’m feeling extra inspired I scent them with essential oils.

The final way I like to use my bits is to create more fabric with it. In fact I wrote a whole book about it. Crumb Quilts is full of projects big and small for using those tiny pieces.

I hope this gives you a good jumping off point to using those precious bits.


  • Ginger Barlow says:

    These are cool ideas. I like to save the leftover fusible backed fabrics after I’ve cut my appliqués out. Then I have pre-fused scraps to cut even smaller appliqué pieces from. Because who enjoys the adding fusible part of the process? Do it once and use leftover pieces.

  • Turid says:

    I love your ideas, and I love small pieces. Those pincushions are so, so sweet.

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