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How to Make scented pincushions to gift

The holiday season is fast approaching. If you are like me you enjoy giving handmade, heartfelt gifts. I made these scented pincushions for my quilting friends a few years ago. They were well received. Not only are they a good place to keep ones pins. They are decorative. Plus they smell good. A nice whiff of lavender in winter can remind you of warmer summer days.

The great thing about pincushions is they are scrap friendly. They are also easy to personalize. Choose favorite colors or designs depending on who you plan to give it to. In my course, Discovering Hidden Quilts I teach you how to scale blocks. Making it easy to take a large block shrinking it down to make a cute pincushion. Fun, fun fun.

There is also a unit on making these cuties using reverse applique with crumb fabric. Oh the possibilities for pincushions is endless. Not only are the outside designs versatile. You could also change up the scent. Instead of lavender you could add cloves and dried orange peel with corresponding essential oils for a more Christmassy scent. Or you might like to try patchouli, cinnamon and yang yang to give your pin cushions a more hippie vibe. Have fun mixing and matching to create the perfect gift for each friend.

These scented cuties could also be used as decoration. Like this candy jar full of crumb hearts. This tutorial shows how to make them. Then just fill them with the scented filling instead of batting. Easy Peasy! They would also look cute attached to a wrapped present. Have fun making and giving these cuties. Here is how you scent them.

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