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6 Ways to Raise Money for Your Guild

Having ways to raise money for your guild enables your guild to do more.  With the extra money supplies can be bought to help with charity efforts.  It will also allow your guild to bring in guest speakers and teachers.  Plus it will enable you to give prizes and have gifts for guild members.  So how can you earn a little cash for these activities.  Here are 5 ideas.

Opportunity Quilts

Guild members can donate blocks and skills to create an opportunity quilt.  The quilt can then be taken to other guilds, fairs and events to sell opportunities to win the quilt.  With little expense thanks to guild members this is a great way to add to the coffers of your quilt guild.  Getting the word out is the best way to earn more money.  This may take a little effort and time but is well worth the investment.


Try offering a challenge that members pay to participate in.  Try getting a challenge fabric on sale and then sell pieces of it.  Have the challenge be to use the fabric in a quilt. This not only raises money but also sparks creativity. The money raised can go toward prizes.  Looking for more challenge ideas?  Try this post.

This quilt combined a challenge and opportunity to raise money for charity. 

Membership Dues

Charging a small fee to belong to the guild is another way to get a little money for your guild.  Make sure to have a program schedule that is fun and engaging.  So members find the fee worthwhile.  Plus a great program will help encourage others to join.  Increasing your income as well as creating more quilting friends.

Workshops and classes

Does your guild want to host a great guest speaker or workshop?  Try charging a reduced fee for members and a larger fee for other quilters.  This not only brings in money to your guild but ensures your guest’s event is well attended.  If you’re looking for a guest.  I’d be happy to come and share my love of scrap quilting with a workshop and trunk show.  Contact me for details



Sales are another great way to raise money for your guild.  Whether you have members donate unwanted notions, books, patterns and fabric to be sold at the guild.  I know Corn Wagon Quilts has a garage sale once a year where tables can be rented and items sold.  Not near Corn Wagon?  Maybe run the idea by your local quilt shop.

Or if you have members donate made items to be sold at a craft fair or bazar.  This is a popular way to raise money.  I was at teaching at a guild recently where members created baskets of items, some quilt related others not.  Members could then buy raffle tickets and distribute them into bags placed by each basket for a chance to win it.


Hosting a quilt show for people in the community to attend is another way your guild could raise money.  Gather member quilts and have an outdoor quilt show when the weather permits.  Or find a low cost venue to display your quilts.  You could try schools or senior centers.

Or try having a quilt themed party or dinner and sell tickets.  Orange County Quilters recently had a home tour and luncheon.  A few members opened up their decorated homes.  Tickets were sold with a map so you could go from home to home and see how quilts were displayed as well as studios where they were created.  Then a luncheon was held.  This event was a success and exceeded their expectations.

So with a little effort you too can raise money for your guild.  Good luck and have fun!

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