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11 Ideas to Liven Your Quilt Guild

A quilt guild is a fun way to make friends and connect with fellow quilters.  As a teacher I get the privilege of attending a lot of different guild meetings.  It is always helpful to learn what is working for other quilters.  If you’re planning your guilds 2024 activities, I hope you find these 14 quilt guild ideas useful.


Creating a challenge for guild members to participate in is a fun way to get creative juices going.  Challenges can be based on a theme, fabric, or design.    One fun challenge my guild had was “I heard it on Vinyl.”  It was fun to see what this phase inspired.  Watch for an upcoming post on different challenges you can host in your guild.

Or you could try a quilt along.  Where members meet together to work on the same project, following a set schedule.  My sew along is an example of this, block of the month is another.

Block raffles are another form of a challenge.  Here members all make the same block in a given colorway.  The blocks are then collected.  Members are given an opportunity to win the blocks based on the number of blocks they made. Then depending on the number of blocks collected then one or more winners are chosen to receive the blocks, usually enough to make a quilt.

Skill Sharing

Another way to add spice to your quilt guild is to have guest speakers and workshops.  These workshops can teach members new skills, techniques and innovative approaches to quilting.  They promote both creativity and unity as members learn together.  If you are looking for a guest speaker or workshop for your guild.  I’d be happy to come share my love of scrap quilting.  Contact me to set up a time.  But don’t wait.  My 2024 schedule is filling up.

If you guild doesn’t have a lot of money for outside guests, enlist the members to share their skills.  Members could sign up to demo different techniques.  Or just share a helpful tip.  Either way unity is created as knowledge is shared.  This is how I gained a lot of my knowledge.

Build Friendship

Try a collaborative project, like a round robin or opportunity quilt.  These projects encourage teamwork, allow members to learn form one another, and create a sense of accomplishment when the project is finished.  Opportunity quilts are also a great way to raise money for your guild.

One of my favorite things at the guild meetings I visit is Show and Tell.  I love to see what other quilters are creating.  It often sparks new ideas for me to try.  In addition it is a great way to let members share their work.

If you guild is large try creating smaller friendship circles.  The El Camino quilters does this.  They have a featherweight group, a charity group, an applique group and more.  These groups meet in addition to the guild meetings in members homes.  What a fun way to build friendship and connection.

Give Back

I know several guilds that have members bring something on their birthday.  My guild has members bring a charity quilt to contribute.  A guild I recently visited had members bring a quilt related gift on their birthday.  Those gifts where then given as prizes during the meeting.

The Utah Quilt guild holds an annual orphan block night.  Where members donate their orphan blocks.  They are then sorted by color or theme and made into quilts to give to charities.

Another way to give back is to choose charities and allow members to have a place to bring and donate items.  I know some guilds make and donate dog beds for shelters, lap quilts for assisted living homes, as well as quilts for veterans or women’s shelters.  The possibilities are endless.

I hope these quilt guild ideas help you plan your 2024 meetings.  If you have more ideas feel free to share them in the comments.

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