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Are Quilt Kits Right For You?

Does combing fabrics for your quilt scare you?  Do you think cutting is the necessary evil?  Would you like to just get to the fun of sewing up your quilt quickly?  Then quilt kits are for you.

A quilt kit is full of matching fabric chosen specifically for the project.  No need to worry about getting the right combination.  The work has been done for you.  A nice thing about my kits is that they are full of a verity of fabrics.  So you get a scrappy feel without having to purchase a lot of different fabrics.  In case you are new to scrap quilting and your stash is not as vast as you would like.

Another great thing about a quilt kit is that a lot of the cutting has already been done.  So you spend less time cutting and more time sewing.  In my opinion that is a big plus.  I really dislike cutting.  It’s one of the main reasons I have an AccuQuilt Go

These two reasons lead to a third.  Kits save you time.  With the fabric selected and a lot of the cutting done you’ve just saved hours.  Meaning you have more time to create!

If your trying to keep your scrap bins from exploding.  A quilt kit is a great option.  A kit has just the fabric you need for the project.  So there is not a lot left over.   Meaning less will end up in your scrap bins.

Buying a kit also means you know up front how much your quilt will cost.  A kit usually includes the pattern and all the fabric for the top.  My kits also include the binding.  My smaller kits also include the backing.  Meaning the only added expense is the batting.

Quilt kits also make a great gift for your fellow quilters.

Finally kits are a no brainer way to get a quilt done.  Just grab and sew.  How fun is that?  If these reasons speak to you.  You may want to check out these kits. 

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