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Come See What’s In Discovering Hidden Quilts

It never ceases to amaze me the quilts hidden in my scrap bins. It’s always a fun adventure when I dive in and discover what’s hidden there. Most of the quilts I create where found in my scrap bins. Did you know there are quilts hiding in your bins as well? Let me help you in Discovering Hidden Quilts.

Color, Value and Design

In my Discovering Hidden Quilts you will learn tricks for using color, value and design. I’ll put your worries and concerns about fabric choices and designs. Learn easy to follow tricks to make your next fabric pull a success. All about the roll value plays in creating interest in your quilts. Plus use the quilt plans to color and experiment before you even begin to sew.

Find Your Favorite Method

The great thing about quilting is there is more than one way to do almost everything. In Discovering Hidden Quilts you will be taught several methods for basic quilting units. Enabling you to find the method that you like and are most accurate with. Then I’ll teach you how to scale those units so you can make blocks of all sizes. Making it so you can use all sizes of scraps.

Explore Options

We will explore dozens of different quilt blocks through patterns and video. Not only learning how to make them but discovering how they can be twisted, turned and combined to create different quilt layouts. We do this by throwing them up on a design wall and showing how by manipulating the same block or group of blocks you can create different quilt layouts.

Find Solutions

You’ll also find solutions for what to do when your blocks are not the same size. Whether your bee blocks came back with slight variations. Or you want to create interest by playing with scale in your quilt. Maybe you have a bunch of orphan blocks that need a home, like in my Plan B quilts Discovering Hidden quilts has answers for all these problems. Get more details with this little video.

Still not sure if Discovering Hidden Quilts is for you? Join me for my free Jumbo Scrappy Star Workshop this Monday. Click the link to sign up and get your workbook. Then join me at 10 AM Mountain time to get a taste of what Discovering Hidden Quilts is all about. Enrollment for DHQ begins Monday. But don’t wait! It is only open until the 14th. Then doors will close and your chance to Discover and create beautiful quilts from your scraps will be gone.

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