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Discover Hidden Quilts in Your Sewing Room

I love treasure hunts and hide and seek. As a kid we would play nightly in the neighborhood. The green utility box was base. When my kids were younger we would play it around the house. My daughter was so good! We would eventually have her make a beeping noise just so we could find her. She was that good. Now that my kids are gone I play hide and seek to discover hidden quilts in my sewing room.


Did you know that there were hidden quilts in your sewing room? Well let me assure your there are. And for the most part they cost little more than your time. Where you might ask? They’re in piles, baskets and bins. Hidden in corners, under the cutting table, and anywhere a scrap may hide. My niece, Mary use to discover them for me. She would gather them up and design her own quilts on my design wall. Sadly I can’t find the picture I took of her doing this. It’s somewhere on this blog. The madding question is where?


My best way to find hidden quilts is to play. I pull out over flowing bins and just start sewing. That is how many of my favorite quilts came to be. Quilts like, It Takes a Village, Wonky Rose Garden, and Enchanted Forest.


I’d love to help you uncover the hidden quilts in your sewing room. This is a fun, informative lecture full of eye candy. You’ll discover how to unearth those hidden fabrics. Combine them in a fun fusion of color. That will become your next fantastic scrap quilt. You don’t want to miss out! Watch today!

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