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Discover the Benefits of Scrap Quilting

It’s no secret I love scrap quilting.  Let me share with you the benefits of scrap quilting I have found.

Saves Money

The reason I started scrap quilting was because my mom shared her scraps with me.  It was her way of teaching me to sew without having to spend extra money on my new habit.  When I was newly married money was tight.  In order to keep sewing I had to make my scraps count.  So the number one benefit of scrap quilting is saving money.


Next scrap quilting is steeped in tradition.  Our sister quilters from the past used what they had to create quilts.  My grandma told me that her mother would buy bags of scraps and remnants.  And while sometimes there was enough of one fabric to may grandma a dress.  Most of the time the fabric went to make quilts to keep the family warm.  I love the thought and creativity that went into the quilts my great grandma made.


Which brings me to the third benefit of scrap quilting.  Being able to combine colors and fabric from your scraps takes a bit of creativity.  Taking on the challenge of designing a quilt around a full scrap bin.  Some of my favorite quilts were created using this method.

My favorite reason to scrap quilt is that I find it relaxing.  Nothing makes me happier than to turn on my favorite music.  Pull out my scrap bins and just play.  Some of my best designs have come from this scrappy play.

Eco Friendly

Finally scrap quilting is eco friendly.  Giving a new life to leftovers.  Whether that is what is left from an other quilt, old linens or discarded clothing.  Keeping them out of landfills.  While creating something to be used and cherished.

These are just a few of the benefits of scrap quilting.

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