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Double Wedding Rings

I used to think that a double wedding ring quilt would be too hard to make.  The curves scared me.  For years I admired other peoples double wedding ring quilts.  But figured I would never make one.

Then I entered the Modern Quilt Guild’s EZ Dresden Challenge.  I’m pretty confident when it comes to making Dresdens.  In fact, I think they are a lot of fun.  I’ve made several quilts using them. In fact, I try to include one in each of my skill building sew alongs.  Because I want others to feel confident in creating them.  As well as find the joy and possibilities they can add to a quilt.

Well, I won judges choice in the challenge.  I was thrilled.  Until I learned that the next challenge was a double wedding ring and they wanted past winners to enter.  At first I just said no.  It was too hard and I was too scared.  But Victoria Findlay Wolf encouraged me and cheered me on.  She convinced me I could just make a table runner and that would be enough.

So I figured I just make a table runner.  But I feel in love with the method and my table runner became a queen size bed quilt.  It’s one of my favorite quilts.  I sleep under it every night.  I have since made a table runner.  It’s easier to take when I do a trunk show.  Plus my husband is not left without a quilt on the bed when I go.  I made both of these using EZ Double Wedding Ring templates  But sadly I’ve been unable to find the arc that was a companion to this set.  So I could let others know how I made them.

Recently I discovered the AccuQuilt Go double wedding ring die.  I made this table mat using it.

It has got me excited to try lots of other wedding ring possibilities.  I’m so thankful to Victoria for helping me overcome my fear.  I hope this post will help you overcome yours and you will give a double wedding ring a try.

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