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What to do with Thin Scrappy Strips- Fabric Garland

Do you ever wonder what to do with all those strips of fabric that are a little to thin to sew with but are so cute that you don’t want to throw them away. I know they make cute ties on bags of candy and popcorn balls for the holidays. But that hardly puts a dent in these fun strips. On the other hand a fabric garland is festive and will put these pretty strips to good use. First gather all these pretties.Cut them into about 5-6″ lengths. You do not need to be precise in this. I just fold them until they are about the rights size then cut a bunch at one time. You tie these onto a piece of string. I use hemp. I tie a bead on the end of the string so my little pretties don’t fall off.Then, just keep adding the little pretties. Pushing them together to make this fun garland.Use it to decorate your Christmas tree. This is a simple project that children can help with. A great way to create not only a fun garland but a Merry Christmas memory as well.  You could also make a fabric garland for Valentine’s day or Halloween. 

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