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Filling the Design Wall

I’ve taken my secret project off the design wall. I’m quilting it. Watch for the big reveal the beginning of next year. The bare design wall was calling for a new project so I started throwing up my Twisted Rail Fence scrap quilt. I had been using it as my leaders and enders project. And will all the rails complete it was time to play with the layout.

If you like the look of this quilt. And would enjoy a little play of your own. I have a video tutorial on my YouTube channel. This is just one layout for these scrap friendly blocks. I encourage you to play with them and see what you come up with.

Now that you’ve seen what I’m moving forward this fine Monday. I’d love if you shared what you are moving forward as well. Post in the comments. Or share a picture on my Facebook page. It a fun and safe place to ask questions, share and be inspired. Remember to answer the questions. When you ask to join the group. This allows me to keep it free from bots. As well as create a safe place to share our love of scrap quilting.

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