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Moving it Forward Leaders & Enders

Welcome it’s Monday. That means it’s time to share our progress. Remember to share in the comments or on the Facebook page what you’ve been moving forward. Today I’m sharing progress on my current leaders and enders project.

I created a tutorial for this modern twist on the classic rail fence block a while back. Since then I’ve been using these blocks as a leaders & enders project. Having blocks to feed through your machine in between your current blocks and project is a great way to gradually get a free quilt. It also help you save on thread. So I try to keep something handy whenever I sew. Since August it has been my Twisted Rail Fence blocks.

This week I finished all the rails. Now I’m working on trimming all the bonus half square triangles. Not sure what they will become. But I’m excited to find out.

Next I’ll begin to sew the rails together. Then I’ll get to turn them all into blocks. Before they become the quilt I’ve been envisioning for some time now. Which means I may be adding some big stitch quilting to the background areas.

Watch for more moving it forward post on this quilt. In the mean time, don’t forget to share your progress. We want to see what you have been up to. And cheer you on!


  • Robin says:

    Well, on Saturday, I managed to get all the low volume background rectangles cut for a quilt I designed myself. However, yesterday my “fun sewing” was derailed by some “scary sewing”. Our daughter-in-law (Rachel) forgot to get our granddaughter’s (Vera) junior bridesmaid dress altered in time. Rachel’s cousin’s wedding will be this Saturday! Last Weds night, Rachel suddenly remembered. She had Vera try on the dress and it was RIDICULOUSLY too long. I told Rachel to pin up the hem and ship me the dress. (“Nannie” to the rescue!) So yesterday, I sewed my first “baby hem”, an 1/8″ hem!!! I wish I could attach pictures! It turned out great!! And now the dress is on its way again, FedExed in plenty of time for the wedding! Woohoo!!

  • Darlene says:

    Are the rectangles for the twisted rail quilt cut at 3 1/2 X 5 1/5 or five? When I listen to the video you say 5” but when you lay out your rectangle on the mat is measure’s 5 1/5 could you clarify this for me please

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