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Four Fun Sampler Quilts

Sampler quilts are a fun way to try many quilting methods.  In fact it is how I learned to quilt.  There was a kind lady at my church.  Each month she would each us a different method and give us various blocks that used that method.  We could pick and choose which ones we made.  Then they all went together into a sampler quilt.  I wish I could find a picture of it to share with you.

I felt this was a great way to learn different methods.  Allowing me to sample without having to commit to a whole quilt.  I began my Skill Building Sew Along with this method in mind.  So far we have created 6 different sampler quilts.  I’ve loved watching my students progress.  As they share their quilts with me on my Facebook Page.

All the quilts are available through the sew along.  But doors for that are closed right now.  And in order to get the first quilts you need to be a member for six months.  Well, no more.  I now offer the previous sampler quilts through my virtual workshops.  Simple choose the quilt you would like to make.   Receive all the blocks at once with both PDF and video instruction.  Gain lifetime access.  Go at your own pace.

There’s Blooms and Baskets this was the first of my sew along samplers.

Next was September Sun

Then we created Smooth Sailing

After that there was Summer Nights.


We recently finished Winter Whimsy 

Now the blocks for Fairy Garden are being released.

If you are looking for a fun way to build your skills.  Enjoy creating happy whimsical sampler quilts.  Then you may want to sign up and create one of your own.


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