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Guilt Free DE Stashing

Sometimes the amount of fabric, scraps and notions in our sewing rooms can get overwhelming.  But we paid good money for all those goodies.  So it can be hard to get rid of.  Today I share a few de stashing tips.  That can be done quilt free.


One way to get rid of larger scraps or fabric that you no longer like or want is to use it on the back of a quilt.  I find this a fun way to use up what I no longer want.  I can have fun mixing and matching different pieces.  It’s kind of like a puzzle.  And I like puzzles, especially quilt puzzles.  Plus it enables me to finish a quilt.  Always a bonus. Try these tips for piecing a quilt back.

Share with Others

Another way to de stash guilt free is to share with a friend.  This method is how I began my stash as a new quilter.  Quilters in my guild would bring their unwanted fabric and notions to the meeting.  So anyone who wanted to could benefit from what they no longer wanted.  We have a local quilt shop, Corn Wagon Quilts, they host a garage sale of sorts.   Once a year you can rent a space in their parking lot and sell your unwanted items for a little cash.  So you can buy what you do want.  Brilliant, right?!

A third way is to make gifts from your unwanted fabric and scraps.  Try bags and zipper pouches.  Or you can make mug rugs and book marks.  More scrap friendly gift ideas include hot pads, heating pads, and dishtowels.  Find tutorials and more ideas by clicking the link.

Make a Quilt

My final de stashing tip is to make a scrap quilt.  Use one of my tutorials or patterns if you are running low on ideas.

I hope this gives you a good place to start de stashing.  Enabling you to get rid of overwhelm.  While fueling your creative juices.


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  • Sharon says:

    Thank you Emily! Just recently found you and I love your blog and suggestions. So inspiring! I especially enjoyed your blog about how you organized your scraps. Previously I only saw that one should Pre-Cut them. I like your thoughts on that so much better! I’m in the middle of reorganizing my entire fabric collection and scraps thanks to you! It’s extensive and sometimes overwhelming however in the end, I believe I will be able to create some amazing quilts without having to purchase any or little additional fabric. Thanks again.

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