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Half Square Triangles A Versatile Scrap Buster

I just love how versatile half square triangles are. They can be used as star points. Or twisted and turned to create endless patterns. The easiest way for me to make half square triangles is to use the Accuquilt Go. My favorite die for this is the multiple 2″ hst. I can cut 36 hst units at one time. Pretty amazing! I love that it also trims all the dog ears. Saving me time and improving my accuracy. I load up the die with scraps and soon I’ve busted through a bunch of scraps and I’m ready to play.

My next favorite method is using a flying geese or essential triangle ruler. These tools allow me to cut squares, hst, and quarter square triangles from a single strip. Saving me time and fabric as I cut things out. Learn how to make your half square triangle this way with this tutorial. This is a great method for using up leftover scrappy strips of any size.

Once you’ve made your hsts use them to make star points like the friendship stars in my Union quilt. Or they make great leaves or bear claws. Sunshine on a Cloudy day is made completely with hsts. I simply twisted and turned them. You can find more ways to twist and turn hsts with these 20 blocks featuring half square triangles.

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