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Handmade Bags and Pouches

Handmade bags may take a little time to construct.  But the advantages far out weigh any time spent creating.  Besides creating is the fun part. Right?


First of all a homemade bag can be customized to fit your personality.  Or if it is a gift, the personality of the person you make it for.  Not only can you choose the fabric and style.  You have control over pockets, strap length, and size.  On top of that you can add embellishments.  Try charms, or embroidery to give your bag a personal feel.

The second advantage is the ability to control the quality.  From the materials you use to the care you put into the construction.  I hate purchasing a bag only to have a strap come loose.  Or to find a hole in a pocket because the seam was not sewn well. I took extra care to reinforce seams in this June Tailor fanny pack.


If you do it right a handmade bag can be cost effective.  I like to repurpose fabric and hardware from thrifted items.  I did this a lot when my kids where growing up and would need a gym bag or pencil case.  I’ve also done this with reusable grocery bags. Simply search the linens area or old jeans are also great. This bag was made from fabric scraps and a zipper that was bought in bulk.

That brings me to the next point.  Making your own bags is good for the environment.  Especially if you are repurposing old fabrics.  Not to mention the reduction of packaging.

Skill Development

Another advantage is the improvement of your skills.  I used to shy away from making bags.  I thought they were too hard to make.  Then I received a bundle of bag patterns from Missouri Star.  They made it so easy.

Then once you have those skills.  You can share them by creating bags to share as gifts.

You may want to try these handmade bag tutorials zipper pouch or a cute drawstring bag.



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