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Quilt Labels Why and How to Add Them

I know a quilt label is important. But I have to admit I’m horrid when it comes to getting this last step done. It is something I aim to be better at. Here is why.

Giving your quilt a label provides information on who and where a quilt was made. A valuable resource if a quilt is ever lost or stolen. Giving you a better chance of finding it or having it returned.

Plan B Label

A label is also a great way to record history. While the reason for a quilt may seem obvious now. In the future it may not be the case. So adding why a quilt was made. Was it a gift? Did it make a social statement? Does it have a story? What inspired it? All this information can be included on your label. And will help future generations understand and appreciate the quilt.

With that said. How do you add a label to your quilt? One simple way is to purchase a pre made label. . Check out these cute labels from Fat Quarter Shop and Connecting Threads. Or you can make your own. Here is my preferred method.

I hope this helps you to better document your quilts. Looking for more help finishing your quilts? Try this post.

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