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Tips To Finish Your Quilts

You’ve sewn your blocks into row. Those rows have been joined. Borders have been added. Use these tips to finish that quilt top and create a snuggly soft quilt.

Make a Quilt Sandwich

Once your top is finished you will need to create a quilt sandwich. This includes the back and batting. I like to use a 80/20 cotton poly blend. It has a nice loft to better show off quilting. If you are taking your quilt to a long arm quilter for quilting you will want to make sure the back is 4″-6″ larger than your quilt. You can use a single backing fabric. These fabrics come 108″ wide and make for an quick and easy quilt back. Or try creating a pieced back.

If you are wanting to quilt your quilt on a domestic machine. Then basting your quilt is the next step. I prefer to baste mine with large safety pins. Another method you may like is spray basting. You will want a well ventilated area for doing this. Also be sure to protect surfaces from over spray.


Once your quilt is basted I like to sketch out ideas for quilting. Creating a plan of what I will quilt where helps me to have success once I put needle and thread to the quilt. My favorite books for ideas are by Christina Cameli. I have also found classes by Holly Anne Knight useful.

Once your quilt is quilted it’s time to bind your quilt. I like to do this by machine. You can find my method as well as other binding tips and tricks on this post.

You will also want to add a label.  I like to stitch mine into the corner while I’m adding the binding.  Learn more about labels and how to add them by clicking here. When the last binding stitch is in. I like to wash my quilt. It gives it a soft crinkly, snuggly feel. Do this by using a gentle cycle and mild detergent. Then tumble dry in the dryer.

Now your ready to enjoy your quilt.  

Remember if you are looking to up level your skills and bust your scraps.  Be sure to join us in Aunt Em’s Sew Along Adventure.  

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