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How I Celebrated National Quilt Week

I know national quilt week was last month. But I’ve not had time to post my celebration. So the old adage better late than never applies here. I actually got to go to Paducah this year to celebrate. Let me share with you how that happened.

My dear friend and quilt retreat roomie, Ruth got her quilt in the show! Isn’t that amazing!? She really is very talented. I enjoy quilting. I believe my quilts are beautiful. I’ve been told I’m good with color. But I don’t create show quality quilts. Ruth on the other hand does. Check out her Off to Never, Neverland quilt. She paints, embellishes and quilts her masterpieces. Check out her Off to Never, Neverland quilt. So it is little wonder she made it into the show.

When she found out she was in the show. She invited me to tag along. I was happy to oblige. We arrived in Paducah late Monday night. Tuesday morning we went on a lovely nature walk. We enjoyed the lush green of Kentucky. Very different from our desert home state.

Day 1

Next we headed to Hancock’s of Paducah. You may have seen my reel on Instagram, show the buzz and excitement of quilters adding beautiful fabric to their stash. I know I had fun finding my new favorites.

After that great haul we were off to the National Quilt Museum. WOW! So many amazing quilts to look at and inspire. There were art quilts using unusual materials, fun display of Shakespeare inspired quilts, and the minis were amazing! While at the museum we ran into Carolina Asmussen. Ruth knew her from events in the past. It was my pleasure to meet her. We enjoyed a lovely lunch and some shopping. Where my hubby bought me some fun new clothes. Isn’t he amazing!!

That night we attended the awards ceremony. So many talented quilters in the world. I was awestruck.

Day 2

The slides of the quilts shown at the awards ceremony did not do justice to the actual quilts. They never do. So as we attended the show the next day I was blown away. Too many wonderful quilt to share here. But I tell you it was well worth the trip to see them in person. Here is Ruth with her show quilt.

In addition to the quilts there were vendors. So of course more shopping happened. When we had our fill we headed to Nashville. Where we enjoyed live music and line dancing. Before heading home. Thank you Ruth for inviting me. I had a fabulous time.

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