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How to Make a Memory Quilt; Tips and Inspiration

While every quilt contains memories. Creating a quilt to showcase a memory, or set of memories is truly a treasure.

Signature Quilts

Signature quilts are a type of memory quilt. This type of memory quilt dates back to the mid 1800’s. At this time in history people were spreading out. A signature quilt was a special reminder of family and friends left behind. These quilts were considered treasured keepsakes. For that reason many or in good condition today. They are often made of a single block with signatures inked or embroidered. They tend to have a scrappy feel. This quilt kind of quilt makes a great wedding quilt.

T-Shirt Quilts

T-shirt quilts are another form of memory quilt. I’ve made a few of these for friends who have lost loved ones. The featured quilt was made for my friend’s husband after his valiant battle with cancer. Enjoy seeing a little of the process here and here. A quilt made from a loved one’s clothing can be a real comfort for those left behind.

A T shirt quilt also makes a great gift for a graduate. Kill two birds with one stone. Clean out a closet while preserving the many memories created during there school years. There is a basket in my sewing room right now for this purpose. Watch for a tutorial series on this method.

Story Quilts

A Story quilt is another great way to preserve memories. Historically story quilts shared a portion of one’s life. Early story quilts were a way for those who could not read to tell a story. This family reunion quilt was inspired by the work of Mary Lou Weidman. She is known for her story quilts and teaches workshops on how to make them. If you ever get a chance to take one of her classes I would recommend you go for it!

Whether you choose to create a signature quilt, a T-shirt quilt or a story quilt I hope you have fun preserving memories in quilt form.

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