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How to Use Crumb Fabric with Your Accquilt Go

Creating crumb fabric with your scrappy bits is a fun way to relax while using up those tiny pieces. But what do you do with those pretty chunks of fabric. I’ve got a whole book full of ideas. If you’d like to learn how to make fabric from your scrappy crumbs. Try this tutorial.

Now that I’ve become a Go Getter for Accuquilt. I’m exploring more options for my made fabric. Accuquilt makes cutting my crumb fabric a breeze. I’m exploring the Carpenter’s Wheel Block on Board. What I’m learning can be applied to any of the dies. I feel they work particularly well with the Block on Board dies. This method would have made my double wedding ring go so much faster.

I start by choosing which pieces on the die I want to be crumb fabric. Next, I cut it into chunks to fit the die. I layer my background 6 layers on the die. The made fabric I only layer 2 or 3 layers. Once the pieces are cut. I clean up any bulk around the edges. Then spray them with spray starch to stabilize them Following the Block on Board instructions on the die I create the block. Rinse and repeat for a beautiful quilt.

I’ve created a little video tutorial to show you what I’ve learned. Just incase you would like a new way to use your Accuquilt as well as a fun way to put those unique pieces of made fabric to use.


  • Judy Blauer says:

    Oh my gosh! I am so pleased to see you “unsewing the little bits at the edges of your crumb fabric pieces. I always do that, but haven’t seen it referenced in any books. I own your Crumb Quilts book! I’ve been making crumb blocks sine I happened on Bonnie Hunter’s tutorial years ago! Crumbs are my favorite! Thanks for the tutelage about using the Go cutter. I don’t own one yet, but it’s on my list!

  • Yvonne says:

    It would be so nice to get the template of each piece of the butterfly, like the magic tile blocks. I’m sure it can be done. It’s beautiful ❤️ love it

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