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Learn to Create Interest and Pop in Your Quilts

I’ve created a FREE workshop to help you create interest and pop in your quilts. Say good bye to blah. Say hello to fresh and fun!

Join me in Ma Your Quilts Sing, Here you will receive tips and tricks to help you will learn about color, value and design.

Receive tricks to make choosing color and fabrics for your quilts. We’ll discuss the color wheel. Discovering fun color combinations to use in your quilts. As well as a simple fool proof trick to give you confidence in picking the perfect fabrics for your quilt.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day baby

Discover the power of value! Learn how to use this powerhouse to create contrast. Giving you the ability to draw attention where you want it. Enabling you to focus on your strengths and hide your weaknesses.

Seven Sisters

Finally explore design options that will create movement in your quilts. Lean what quilt blocks that will help move the eye around your quilts. Discover how placing these blocks can create an all over movement or directional movement

Rhythm & Blues

Don’t miss out on this FREE workshop to learn how to create interest and pop in your quilts. Save your spot here. Can’t wait to share my strategies for interest and pop with you.

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