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Explore The Power of Value in One Color Quilts

A monochromatic quilt is a quilt with just one color. Because I often design a quilt when a scrap bin gets full. I’ve created a few monochromatic quilts. It’s a fun way to play with value.

You may think a one color quilt would be boring. Let me show you a few and see if I can change your mind.

A Valentine’s Day quilt is often monochromatic. Using various shades of red. Pink while not a shade it is a tint of red. St. Patrick’s Day is another holiday where you will find a lot of monochromatic quilts. I liked this one by Celtic Heart

Shades of Gray happened when my gray bin got full. I like to use gray as a background. It’s a favorite. I love the way it makes my colorful scraps pop. I’ve used a lot of different grays for background. I tend to have a little leftover every time. I decided to cut them into uniform squares and make a quilt. this quilt is vary calming with all the various grays.

When I created my son, Josh’s wedding quilt I made it all one color. He and his cute little wife to be wanted a green quilt. Lucky for me that bin is always overflowing. It was fun to play with the various shades of green to create the pinwheels and other design elements.

Dream is another example of a time a scrap bin got full and I used it’s contents to create a quilt. So I would be able to put the lid back on. This quilt really shows the power of value. The light blue stars pop against the navy. It really is a testament to the fact that value does the work while color gets the credit.

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