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More Fun With Fat Quarters

A fat quarter is one of my favorite pre cuts.  I find them a fun way to add to my stash.   These 18″ x 22″ cuts of fabric are pretty and fun to collect.  Plus there are so many ways to use a fat quarter.

Did you know you can get 99- 2″ squares, 56- 2 1/2″ squares,  30- 3 1/2″ squares, 16- 4 1/2″ squares, and 12- 5″ charm squares.    Squares are great for scrap quilting.  Use them to make four patches, nine patches, 16 patches and more.  I recently cut a stack of fat quarters into 6″ squares.  You can get 9 from a fat quarter.  I sewed them into strips.  Each strip used 4-6 more squares.  I turned these strips into rings.  Gathered the top edge and made a twirling skirt.

Fat quarters are also great to make a simple journal cover from a composition notebook.  It only takes two.  I like to choose contrasting fabrics.  These make a great gift.  Personalize the gift by choosing fabrics based on the recipients likes.  It can be as simple as favorite colors.  Or get more detailed with novelty prints. 

You can also cut fat quarters into strips. A fat quarter will give you 14- 1 1/2″ strips  7- 2 1/2″ strips, and 6- 3″ strips all 18″ long.  Use them in your strip quilt projects.  These strips can also be cut into half square and quarter square triangles using an Essential triangle ruler. Giving you even more options to play.

As you can see there are many ways to use fat quarters.  Be sure to stock up.  Click this link to save on Fat Quarters at Missouri Star.

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