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Fun with Four Patches in your Quilting

Four patches are a basic quilt block in quilting. They are easy, fast and fun. They are great for mindless sewing, perfect for a little stress release. And who isn’t a little stressed with all that is going on in the world today? They are perfect for beginners and versatile enough to appeal to the most expert quilter. But what do you do with all those cute little blocks? Let me get your creative juices going with a little inspiration. Plus give you a few patterns and tutorials to get you started.

Play with the scale of your four patches

First off you can add an alternate block to your four patches in quilting like I did in this simple charity quilt. Or play with sashing. You can make it skinny to just give your eye a place to rest or wider to give your blocks a floating feel, like in this quilt. You can play with scale. My 4 Ever Scrap Busting block and Bear Scraps quilts are examples of this. A few of my patterns that contain this simple fun block are; Spin Cycle, Beach Balls, and This and That

Add new elements to your four patches

Adding a flying geese to the top of your four patches turns them into a cute little house. And who doesn’t love a cute little house block? You can also turn it into a snowball block, or a disappearing four patch. Learn how to do each of these options in my newest YouTube video.

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