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Moving It Forward~ Giving Comfort and Care

The pile of T shirts that sat on my dryer is now a snuggly quilt. I was a little afraid to put minky on the back. But my daughter loves all things soft and cuddly. So I watched a couple of YouTube videos. Dara Tomasson’s was my favorite. It was quick and full of good tips. If you’re not familiar with Dara be sure to check out her channel. Not only is she a great quilter. She can help you give yourself some comfort and care. So you feel good and have energy to do what you love most, quilting. You may remember I mentioned her on this post.

Thanks to Dara’s great tips I was able to quilt up my daughter’s t shirt quilt. I used and all over design with loops. Plus added a few hidden messages for her to find while she is snuggling under her memory quilt. So randomly I added words like; love, joy, and become.

Here she is enjoying her memory quilt. I’m so happy she loves it. While this is not my favorite kind of quilt to make. I make them because I know they bring comfort and joy to the recipient. That alone makes the extra time spent in prep work worth it.

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