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Patchwork Clothing

Have you noticed the recent trend in quilted jackets recently.  There has been some debate about using vintage quilts to make them.  However you feel about issue.  You have to agree quilted jackets are fun.  They naturally appeal to a quilter.  Now while I’m not a big jacket wearer.  I do love the idea of patchwork clothing.

Taking my idea to Pinterest was a fun diversion.  It really got my creative juices flowing.  I even created a board to reference.  The hippie/ boho look appeals to me.   My husband does call me his hippie wife.  I’ve even made two lava lamp/ beaded curtain quilts.  One in my book, the other here.

Some of the ideas reminded me of the crumb quilts I love to create.  So I bought a pattern.  Made me some fabric.  Instead of small crumbs.  I used larger chunks.  Kind of like the crumb backgrounds in Scrappy Dresden and Night Sky.

Next, I cut them into strips of varying widths.  Sewed the strips together to make the fabric.  Then cut out the pattern pieces.  I lined my pants with lightweight muslin.  I didn’t want the seams rubbing on my skin.

The first pair was a learning experience.  Next time I’ll pay better attention to laying out the pattern pieces on my made fabric.  I like the back of my pants better than the front.  Wish I had switched them.  I will definitely be making more patchwork clothing.  Looking forward to more pants and a skirt or two.

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