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Possibilities for Strip Quilts

If you have fabric strips.  Are you looking for ways to turn them into strip quilts?  Then I have solutions for you.

Strip quilts are colorful and scrappy quilts made from long fabric strips usually no wider than 3″.  These quilts are popular for a number of reasons.  One, they are colorful and easy to make. Two strips have a way of accumulating in your stash. And three there are many options to choose from.

Whether you are making string blocks, log cabins or creating rail fences.  Strip friendly blocks are easy to make.  Plus these blocks lend themselves well to variations, by mixing up strip size and placement.  Or give them a wonky, improvisational look.

Having options for using ways to your fabric strips helps you manage those growing piles of scrappy strips.  If you haven’t got my strip busting guide.  You may want to pick it up.  It’s FREE!

My strips and strings bin always seems to be overflowing.  Designing quilts that use strips is always on my mind.  Do you have this problem?

Then join me for Scrappy Strip play.  Where we will turn those fabric strips into strip sets.  Then explore, experiment and enjoy the fun of turning them into unique strip quilts.

Discover way to give them to add a modern feel

Sew what happens when you insert them into quilt blocks


Explore what slicing and dicing them looks like.

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