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5 Log Cabin Quilt Tutorials and Patterns

The log cabin quilt holds a special place in my heart. There is just so much to love about it. They are scrap friendly. I love how many layouts you can create. Choose to go traditional or get modern with these tutorials and patterns.

Traditional Log Cabins

My first quilt was a traditional log cabin. I made it in high school for what my dad called my hopeless chest. Mom had me start very basic. A large square in the middle and a single round of 3″ strips. The quilt has been loved. It is now faded and well worn. Sadly, there isn’t a picture. Next our family’s Christmas quilt is also a traditional log cabin. Learn how to make this classic block with my tutorial. Sugar and Spice meets Snips and Snails is a simple log cabin with a fun center.

Quarter Log Cabins

Branching out from the traditional why not try a quarter log cabin. With this layout logs are added only on two sides. The tutorial I created using this method is one of my most popular tutorials Moving Boxes is an example of this layout. Taking quarter log cabins and twisting and turning the blocks for a fun design.


My hourglass star wall hanging combines a tradition log cabin block with a courthouse steps setting. A quick way to cut out a log cabin quilt is to use the AccuQuilt Go and strip dies. Be careful. It can be addictive.

I once got carried away cutting strips on my AccuQuilt Go. Resulting in enough leftover strips to make Tropicalia. This pineapple setting is also a variation of the log cabin.  Use my tutorial to create your own.  

Finally, I like to create free wonky log cabins. This layout is a great way to use up strips of all sizes. Plus there are no rules. The rounds can be complete or not. Just add to the side that speaks to your heart. Continue the process unit the desired size is reached. Then square it up. Learn to make your own wonky log cabins

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