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Quilt Sampler Sew Along

Last week the last block for Smooth Sailing dropped. How is your quilt coming? Have you sent it to the quilter? Are you quilting it yourself? Or do you still have a few blocks to finish up? No judgement here. Everything I create for you is meant to be fun! More of an enjoy the ride. Than a race. So wherever you are on your Smooth Sailing quilt sampler, I’m here to help you improve, develop and have fun.

I keep a sew along going because creating a sampler quilt is how I learned to quilt. A dear lady at my church offered a class. Each month we would learn a new block. It was a fun way to learn. Allowing me to try new methods without having to commit to a whole quilt in that method. As I design my sampler, sew along quilts I try to incorporate different methods. So you can dip your foot in the water and learn new techniques. If you are new to quilting you may enjoy this post full of tutorials to get you off on the right foot.

With that said, I wanted to let you know I’ve got another fun sampler style sew along for you. This one is themed around summer nights. There is a city scape, fireworks, pup tents, a log cabin and a starry sky. I’ve made my background scrappy. That probably doesn’t surprise you. You know I love scrappy But it was also requested that my next design have a background like the Starry Night quilt in my book. Here is the reveal.

Hope you’ll join the fun. Get started now


  • Elaine says:

    Oh, ‘Em, I love this one! I finished the September Sun, and have 5 blocks left on Smooth Sailing. Didn’t really care for the later, but I plowed on.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us ‘peeps’!


  • Kristi B says:

    I have not participated in a sew along in a while! I like your comments about learning new skills with sampler blocks. The new one looks really fun!

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