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Tutorials & Tip for the Beginning Quilter

If you are new to quilting you may feel a little lost. There is just so much to learn. Maybe you’ve been quilting for a while. If you’re self taught there may be holes in your knowledge. I hope this post will help you as well. Try these tips and tutorials designed to help the beginning quilter get a jump start.


When it comes to choosing fabric you don’t want to skimp. It may seem that you are saving money but who wants to spend all the time it takes to create a quilt. Only to have it fall to pieces or bleed when you wash it. I know quilt fabric can be expensive. I created this post to help you build your stash on a budget.

In addition the quality of fabric to buy you may be confused about how to combine color and prints. Discover simple color concepts in this post. While color gets the credit. It’s value that does the work. To see how this powerhouse tool works. Try this post.

Basic Quilt Units

Once you’ve got your fabric. The piecing begins. There are just a few basic units that make up most quilt blocks. They included four patches, half square triangles, and flying geese. Looking for help in making these basic units. I’ve got you. Check them out. You may also want to apply these five tips designed to help you improve your accuracy.

Beginner Friendly Patterns

My all time best beginner pattern is Simply Charming. It is pre cut friendly. There are no seams to match up. I’ve used it many time to help youth learn to quilt. While helping them feel like they have accomplished something great!

Other great beginning patterns include; Floating Boxes, A Bushel and a Peck, and Treasures.

The beginning quilter may also need help with the finishing up of their quilt. How do you make a quilt back? What do I need to do to get my quilt ready for the quilter? How do I make and sew on a binding? Find the answers in this post.

I hope these tips and tutorials were helpful. Remember as you learn to quilt to give yourself grace. I believe that doing so will help you progress the most. Good Luck! You’ve got this!

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