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Quilters are Creating in Aunt Em’s Sew Along

One of the great things about being a quilt teacher and designer is watching my students learn and succeed.  I have found it especially rewarding as quilters share their quilts in my Facebook group.  Seeing the quilts made from my sew along and getting to read the comments makes me happy.  I’m so proud of each of my students and their work.  So I’m showing off a little of it today.

Alice’s quilt is a compilation of two of my quilt patterns; Fairy Garden, (available exclusively through my sew along) and In My Garden. I love how she combined elements from both and added to them.  Creating an absolutely stunning quilt that is completely her own.  

Next we have Maxine’s Winter Whimsy.  I think I may like her quilt more than my own.  Her use of different backgrounds enabled here to create contrast to make the snowmen and other elements pop.  The way she embellished the snowman and elves is adorable.  Check out this post to learn more about embellishing your quilts.

I also wanted to showcase Linda’s Summer Nights.  Her choice of fabrics made her quilt bright and cheerful.  Perfect for a quilt celebrating summer. I adore the way she fussy cut fabric to fill in windows and doors in her buildings.  Giving her quilt a special touch.

While I showcased just three of the sew along sampler quilts.  Enjoy this little video with more of what is being created in my sew along.  If any of these quilts appeal to you.  We’d love to have you join us in the sew along.  In addition to the exclusive patterns, you will find, monthly sew and show gatherings.  As well as quarterly workshops designed to help you turn your scraps into amazing scrap quilts.  There are also challenges and prizes.  Join soon the price of less than $7 a month will go up in the new year.

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