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9 Ways to Embellish Your Quilts

A fun way to add interest and texture to your quilt is to embellish your quilts. Are you wondering how you do this? Let me give you nine fun ways to spice up your quilts.

Buttons and charms are one of my favorite ways to enhance my quilt. They come in a variety of colors and shapes. So it is easy to find ones that go with your quilt.

Beads and jewels are another way to add embellishments to your quilt. They are small. I like that they not only add texture but can add sparkle and shimmer to your quilts

Bells not only add texture they give a happy jingle to your quilts.

There are also various trims. I just adore ricrac. It makes great handles for baskets and stems for flowers. In addition to ricrac I’ve used pompom trim. It adds a fun dimension to your quilts.

Lace and ribbon can give a nostalgic look to your quilts. Maybe you have a few of grandma’s doilies or some ribbon flowers to dress up your quilt.

My friend, Ruth, is great at embellishing. While my quilts are utilitarian. She creates show quilts. In fact we went back to Paducah last year to see her quilt in the show. I remember when she was painting all those copper circles on her quilt. Fabric paint is another way you can embellish your quilts.

Embroidery gives you a variety of ways to add to your quilt. Use it to add detail to your blocks. Or to create the blocks themselves. It is also a way to adhere applique to your quilts. Or try various stitches around crazy quilt blocks.

Fabric elements like yoyos or roaching make another nice additions.

Finally couching with yarn will add texture as you embellish your quilts. There are so many different textures and colors colors of yarn that this opens a world of possibilities. You can do it by hand or machine. I learned how at a workshop I took at Handi Quilter.

Looking for more embellishment inspiration?  Try this video.

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