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Quilters Give Knowledge, Friendship and Quilts

I started quilting after the birth of my third son.  From the very beginning I realized what a generous bunch quilters are. Quilters give and they give generously. First they share their knowledge, their fabric, and their love.  Next they give their friendship. Finally they gift their creations. As Jenny Doan once said. “Quilting is the one hobby you start for yourself. That soon becomes about everyone else.” 

In my first quilting class, the teacher’s goal was to make sure I would succeed.  She took time to give pointers and tips on color placement, and construction.  At my first guild meeting I instantly had a caring group of mothers. Those talented women took my hand and guided me through my quilting journey.  I am where I am today thanks to their willingness to share with me.

In my quilting travels I never worry about being alone. Even when I may show up to an event that way. I know I will find instant friends. Fellow quilters will invite me to join them for a meal. Offer me a seat next to them at a lecture. Or even share their fabric with me in a class. Even though we have just met.

I’ve watched as comfort, in the form of quilts, have been created for; cancer patients, children in need, and disaster survivors.  There is something to be said for people who can pick up the pieces and create something beautiful that comforts and heals.  Quilters have this gift.  Whether they are creating a wedding quilt, baby blanket, bed spread, or comfort quilt. Quilters take the pieces of life then generate love and comfort.

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