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Quilting As Therapy

I’ve heard people say, “quilting is my therapy.”  In fact it’s a hashtag on Instagram.  I find quilting as a therapy to be just what the doctor ordered.  In fact, when my autoimmune disease was active, mindlessly sewing quilt blocks together was one of the few things that helped.  Not only did it relax me.  It brought joy.  And with that joy my blood counts would go up.  A good thing in my case.  Let’s explore how quilting does this.

First the repetitive nature of hand stitching or making the same simple block over and over again can be relaxing.  Helping one reach a state of flow.   In flow a person becomes totally immersed in an activity that allows them to use there skills to the utmost.  I find this state when I improv sew.  Enchanted Forest was a result of Flow.  I’ve also found it as I’ve mindlessly sewn four patches to take my mind off troubles.  Many of my 4 Ever Scrap Buster Quilts where made this way.

Next quilting can be healing as one revisits memories.  This is especially true when it comes to scrap quilting.  Each fabric in a scrap quilt holds a memory of past quilts made.  Allowing the maker to relive happy times of giving, sharing and using a quilt.  Another way memories and healing come together in quilting is when a memory quilt is made. Allowing the quilter to memorialize a person or event using their creativity.  Signature quilts, photo quilts and t shirt quilts are all forms of this kind of creative expression.

The community quilting creates is another way it can be therapeutic.  Quilters have always gathered.  Sharing fabric and skills to lift and help each other.  As a new quilter I joined a quilt guild.  I was a new mother back then.  The older ladies in the group not only shared their quilting knowledge with me.  They lent a shoulder to cry on when parenting was hard.  Celebrated with me over small triumphs.  And encircled me with love and care.

In addition quilt retreats and classes are a fun way to meet new quilters.  Share fun memories and create new friendships.

For all these reasons and more I find quilting a good source for therapy.  I encourage you to take the time to allow yourself a little quilting therapy today.

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  • Danice G. says:

    Quilting truly is good therapy. Sewing (and now also quilting)has always been a go-to for me. By the way, not sure when you made the change, but your website theme design is awesome.

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